18 May

An on-site learning experience for software engineers

Education is getting more and more specific. Instead of simply teaching computer programming using general topics, some colleges in the U.S. are now actually pushing for curriculums that target a specific subject. One of the topics that caught my attention is casino software.

Apparently, fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts have added a casino syllabus in order to properly educate both programmers and non-programmers on how to handle the floor operations of a casino. The casino industry is cutthroat and ever-changing, which is why people who wish to work in this particular field need special training.

Apart from the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts, Drexel University in Philadelphia is also doing the same thing. Students with an interest in casino operations can now directly learn from the school’s casino training laboratory, thanks to Drexel’s partnership with casino software developer Bally Technology. As I’ve learned, Drexel is the first university in the East Coast to provide on-site casino gaming equipment for educational purposes.

Casino Software Courses

At Drexel, students learn how to operate slot machines and the intricacies involved in their software. The numerous slot machines installed in one of Drexel’s rooms permit students to dissect the operational elements of electronic gaming machines, allowing them to learn beyond the things taught inside classrooms.

Slot machines are given special attention in casino courses because they are the cash cows of an actual casino. According to online gaming provider InterCasino, slots gained popularity worldwide because of their simplicity, and chance to yield huge prices even with a small bet. Slots are easy to play, and easier to get hooked into.

“Gaming is a growing industry across Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia region in particular and the entire eastern U.S.,” says Jonathan Deutsch, a professor of the Center for Hospitality and Sport Management. “With the university’s strengths in tourism, hospitality, and food and beverage, a robust casino management program completes our model.”

With casinos’ popularity all over the world, perhaps this curriculum will someday find its way in my home country of Serbia. Anyway, if you want a career in casino management and if you live in the U.S., the aforementioned schools are the places to go to. Check out what I wrote earlier about applying for a Software Engineer position if you’re interested to work not only in the casino industry but within other areas that require the expertise of a software engineer as well.

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