28 Jul

App Instance Tags updated with app shortcuts and improvements

I was on a mini-vacation so it was about time to make some modifications to my first Google Chrome extension I’ve built on my own – App Instance Tags. Making this app more usable will eventually unlock it’s potential to help a lot of web app developers – and that’s the only goal here – as it’s already helping me in my daily work.

What’s New?


I needed this so much! People can now add shortcuts for their web apps that will be easily accessible within popups. Quick access to a page/action for their configured web apps and their instances – all right!


It’s easy to visit a shortcut from the popup and so people will be able to add them directly simply by clicking on the appropriate button:


Rearranging everything

This is a small but not insignificant change. For all those people rocked by OCD (myself included) I’ve made sure users can rearrange everything, from how their web apps are positioned to how instances and shortcuts are positioned within their respective web apps.


Various improvements

  • Validation to prevent empty instance/shortcut names and URLs
  • Better user experience
  • Slight redesign of inputs, more space in popup windows
  • Removed protocols – who used this BTW!?
  • Placeholders when apps don’t have any instances or shortcuts configured

Down the road?

Talking to people about this extension made me think about several possible improvements for the future. For now, I am sure App Instance Tags will feature import/export for apps configurations (pretty good for teams working on same apps – right?) and probably header modifications that can be applied to specific instances. Stay tuned…

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