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12 Oct

Trello Pro now has more than 100 regular users

Hey, Trello Pro is gaining popularity!

I like to stop at moments like this. Yes, 100 users is really nothing, but to me it has great significance. It’s simple – I built a tool for myself, decided to share it with the world and now it’s helping others. It’s a great feeling (much better when they actually say it, lol).

If you haven’t heard of Trello Pro yet, I am pretty damn sure you will soon, especially if you use Trello for projects, as a TODO app or you’re just following trends. It’s a damn good tool! I say this not because I made it but because I had a problem and this tool solves it. Simple as that. Here’s a video that’ll showcase what the latest build (version 1.1) will do to your Trello boards and why you’ll love it on first sight:

You can install Trello Pro directly from the Chrome store.

07 Nov

Excuses are a Waste of Time, let’s work on it!

So I was talking with my friend Tihomir – also co-host of IT Serbia Podcast – about the fact that it’s really getting harder and harder to find time to do an episode. I mean we always have very good excuses, really. But then he shared this link with me and I have to say this guy Grant Cardone is pretty smart when saying that:

If you’re making excuses you are wasting time.

This is definitely something to think about, right? I am sure many of us “loose time” from time to time and actually end up doing nothing (useful) for hours, sometimes even days, although I highly doubt generally busy people can be bored for days.

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14 Aug

Thou shalt not steal…from people you know

This is not my story and I’m totally stealing it from a friend I had coffee with today. But it’s funny and I simply wanted to publish it somewhere. Naturally, I will have to use some fake names here, so let’s say our protagonist’s name is…Daniel.

So, Danny (see what I did there) is a Christian and goes to Church on Sunday. Well probably more frequent than that but the general idea is that he hangs out with people from the Church on a regular basis. One of those people is this socially unadapted guy who’s name is…Tommy.

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