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30 Oct

Applying for a Software Engineer position straight from college

PSTech has a well-earned reputation in the domestic IT market of Serbia. Naturally, a lot of people apply for software engineering and software testing positions, since many are aware of the advantages of starting their career in a well-established company. HR processes in the company are really good, with an optimal workflow backed up by a good software solution.  Some of us get the pleasure (not always a pleasure though) of conducting interviews for future colleagues.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been conducting technical interviews for future PHP software engineers, juniors, seniors, interns… A lot of different people were called for a talk on their experience, expectations and character. I always enjoy talking to people from different backgrounds, since there is a lot to be learned. Some of them are already employed and come with previous experience in being interviewed, some of them may even be conducting technical interviews themselves. But a fair number of applicants are fresh from college looking for a prospective career. If you belong to this group, here is some honest advice…

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25 Oct

Endorsing skills on LinkedIn, a fail?

On September 24th, LinkedIn announced Skill Endorsements. As they would describe this, the range of your activities in the professional network included an option to “give kudos to people with one click”. In reality, we can now endorse a couple of skills of a certain individual, similar to a ‘Like’ button. And people started giving “professional” kudos like crazy…

So, here I am sitting in my comfortable work chair at 9 AM sharp (it was 10:30, off course), drinking my morning coffee, thinking about what activity should ignite my to work enthusiasm. After a short visit to my Tweet deck timelines (and viewing a couple of X-Factor auditions on YouTube, and talking on the phone for 10 minutes, but who counts), my attention was taken by force to focus on something…absolutely not acceptable…

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