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If you’re considering hiring me for a project or a consultation, feel free to ping me with a high level explanation of what you need and what you are looking for. My contact page has been an awesome starting point for a number of projects so I’m keeping it simple.

My services

As stated in my Professional Profile and my Working Experience there is a number of skills and technologies I am proficient with. Here is a quick summary of where I can bring value:

  • Software Development
    • Software application/solution/platform development (PHP, Ruby, RoR)
    • SugarCRM development + plugins
    • Google Chrome add-ons
    • WordPress plugins
    • Maintaining and optimizing existing software solutions
  • Tutoring
    • Software Development Basics
    • Web Development Basics
    • PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel, Custom Framework Building)
    • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Software Consulting and Project Management
  • Resume Building
  • Writing
    • Technical specifications
    • Professional Articles
    • Job Applications
    • Fiction

For a list of my previous projects visit my Projects page. If you are interested in learning about my own software, visit my Software page.

How do I charge for my effort?

In the past I used a number of platforms to link to clients and charge for my services. Today I prefer to work using an awesome platform called oDesk

There is a number of benefits from working via oDesk, and I will list a few:

  • it’s a versatile platform that covers both hourly-billed and one fixed-price projects
  • contractors report time and clients can review work done and approve their effort
  • oDesk takes no more than 10% out of every hour (or fixed price) billed
  • clients can set a weekly hour limit
  • all payments are conducted through oDesk and both client and contractor are protected because there is a safety period between the payment from the client and the moment contractor gets paid where a workflow exists to handle disputes

You can also check out my oDesk profile. I have a fine reputation there and I tend to keep it.

What about pricing?

I value my effort and I charge money for it. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I enjoy working on something, sometimes it’s pain. There are easy and hard tasks and not all work should have the same price.

There is only one thing that never changes – I always charge based on the hours worked. If a big project is to be engaged I will asses the work to be done and calculate the final price based on the number of hours I will work on the project.

My availability

I have a full time job and occasionally take on freelance projects. Sometimes I don’t have time to work on a specific project and I can be picky specially when it comes to long-term commitments. Once I commit to a project I don’t take additional work, out of respect to the person or company who hired me and my personal time.

What can you expect?

My approach to work is 100% professional, but my approach to clients is even better. I like to work with people and put a great effort in communication. I am fluent in English and tend to talk about projects via phone or Skype directly with people who hired me.

One of my top qualities is that I am systematic and produce regular reports about work done. Also, I have a versatile skill set making me capable and open to bring additional value to a company or project with my own ideas and experience.

Visit my profile on LinkedIn and check out recommendations made by people I’ve worked with in the past – you’ll get the picture.

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