19 Jun

How do you share your contact?

You’re an entrepreneur, a go-getter, trend-setter, a ninja-guru-master or just a person who talks to people on a daily basis, maybe visit a conference or two, attend a bunch of seminars? Hey – me too! That means you’re sharing your contact information with a lot of people in a single month, just like I do. So, how do you do it?

Business cards are cool. Especially those gold-plated shiny tokens of one’s public status or position in the ever-growing market. It’s always funny to me that we still need them in the 21st century, but fact is we do. They are just…so cool. And they tend to remind the ones we give them to that we may be someone special and that we may share a common cause or interest. But we don’t always use them. We forget to bring them – God knows I always do due to frequent change of accessories – or we simply share our Twitter account or LinkedIn profile, or even type our phone number to someone’s smartphone.

A couple of days ago a company I work with published a fancy new iOS app that could totally change the way we share our contact information. They call it “Share My Contact” and it’s a kind of a virtual business card with a lot of options for selectively sharing your contact information in different formats.

Why is this app so cool?

I would dare say it’s much cooler than business cards – even the gold-platted ones! Simply because it offers so much options. Let me list just a couple of them:

  • You can import your existing contact information straight from your phonebook – thank you app creators;
  • You can create any number of predefined business cards – simply combinations of information you want to share, so you can filter out stuff if and when you need it;
  • You share info by selecting a “business card” you want to share and then select options like MMS, SMS, Email, QR Code or AirDrop;
  • The app is using the most widely-accepted vCard format so you shouldn’t expect any compatibility issues or something like that.


There’s a lite version of the app where you can create a single quick business card you can always share without any limitations. We’re talking about an app that is always with you and you will always be able to use it – whatever bag or phone cover you decide to take with you to that awesome conference…

Anything else?

Oh – yes! If you want to you can share somebody else’s contact information and still select what you want to share and the way you will share it. This is fantastic if you want to direct someone to reach out to your colleague or boss or PR or whomever. I am frequently asked for other peoples’ contact and this is a perfect way to do it.

I must admit I was a bit disappointed to learn that someone else implemented an idea I had long ago but I am also happy it was these guys. The developer who built it sits right next to me and kicks my **s in table tennis on a daily basis but – psssst – at least I got this app for free. Best $2 saved ever 🙂

How do you share your contact? If you don’t know the answer to this question or you’re still doing it the “old school” way by frequently forgetting your business cards and then improvising with whatever piece of technology you have with you at a given moment you might benefit from using this app. Here are the links for both versions on the Apple Store:

  • Full: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id996972012
  • Lite: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/share-my-contact-lite/id996972760?mt=8

Insider info: Android version coming soon 🙂

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