20 Oct

Me – a blogger? No way…

I’ll just go ahead and say it: I am not a blogger! Heh…well…yes, this is my personal website, and it clearly says “Blog” in the navigation menu… But no! I am not a blogger! Or am I? Never mind, let’s just go with it for a while and see what happens…

What was that all about, you wonder? Well, I don’t like those standard introductions like: Hey, this is my blog, and I like to write about stuff… Please read my articles, I think I have something to say… You know? Stuff like that? Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen it at least a dozen times. Why am I different? Read on and see for yourself…

My name is Miloš Đekić, and I am a young person (imagine this is a perfect sentence construction and a most fabulous choice of words) from Serbia, or as I call it “Wonderland” (followed by a lame joke and a drum roll). As I’ve previously said, I am not a blogger and this is why:

Our favorite Google Search result for terms – Wikipedia, states:

Blogger may refer to:

  • A person who writes a blog, or weblog

Since we can all agree (based on my introduction clearly stating I am a person – human being) that I am not a web service, if you refer to me as a blogger I would be “a person who writes a blog, or weblog”. Cool.  And what is it that bothers me with this title? It’s quite simple, what I am (almost) frustrated about is not the definition of a blogger or blogging, but what a modern blogger has become, and what blogs turned into.

Rather than calling out modern bloggers that I don’t support or like and write bad things about their work and online apperance, I’m just going to point out some  well-known facts about modern blogging, and comment on them:

  • Everyone can write a blog

Due to a fast and turbulent technology advancement, we are now living in a very special era where information is available around the world and exchanged in a matter of seconds. Various tools are available, intuitive and very easy to use – even for technologically challenged people. This is why anyone can easily make a personal website, forum, eShop, portal or a blog.

There are a lot of problems concerning the fact that anyone can say what they like online. First of all, there is no censorship – or at least it is so hard (er…impossible) to monitor Internet activity, and one can write just about anything…  This is why we often encounter blogs and webpages doing nothing more than distributing propaganda embedded in a cupcake-sweet writing form.

We have politicians  companies, various movements and organizations (LGBT, religious organizations, Nazi movements, etc) advertised by bloggers who present themselves as common, ordinary people…but my opinion is that they are just another form of interest-motivated vultures. They prey on people who “eat what is served” and feed on incentives provided by the cause they do propaganda for, whatever that may be.

  • The most popular blogs are theme blogs

People read about their favorite subjects. That can be almost everything, from technology and science, to fashion and hobbies. This is good – people form communities. A community is (mostly) a good thing – people join discussions that help them make better decisions in life, share thoughts and insight. If you remove the trolls and negative people, these communities do good. At least until “influencers” emerge…

If you read a lot of theme blogs, go ahead and check who is behind those articles… Who runs this communities? Well, we can agree that the same players from before (companies, various movements and organizations, politicians  etc) run the show. They have their interests in mind,  and they poison the content with their hidden intentions.

From time to time, an enthusiast starts a community. When the community grows, the content becomes watered down and more “for the masses”, and this is a perfect time for an interest-driven organization to put their paw on the whole thing. In the beginning  they offer to buy forums, blogs and portals, but even more often, they buy people behind them. A company, for example, has more interest in having an outsourced marketing advocate with a big and strong community…

  • Bloggers with a lot of visits became online celebrities

When people become an “online authority”, they begin to influence other people’s point of view, taste and actions. They can be called “influencers”. Soon enough, they are offered to be paid advocates for a variety of causes, themes, products or whatever. As I’ve seen, they seldom decline this opportunity and it comes with a different cost…

What bothers me here is that a blog stops being a window to a person’s thoughts, points of view and situations, and becomes a propaganda or a marketing tool for masses. It lacks proper content, waters down on quality and it is no longer a blog… Bloggers become influencers, self-called “Internet experts”, “Internet warriors”, but they are nothing more than puppets with a master behind.

Personally, I would like to write about articles on a regular basis, that are not influenced by interest. I would also love to maintain a positive attitude and I would prefer my articles to reflect my thoughts and points of view, not the views of others. Maybe, just maybe, I will try to make people laugh from time to time.

My limited imagination just brought some imaginary questions from different people:

Well Mr. Big shot – what is the point of YOUR blog (one might ask)? It’s quite simple my man (I would respond in a quite friendly manner), I would like to be heard…er…read and I would like to encourage positive discussion about a number of subjects, without all those other things in mind (like being popular, earning money by being read, being payed to endorse people or companies and their products/services).

Hey man, so you’re smart and cool and all those other bloggers are mean and they are just  pursuing their interests (my friend from the previous question could ask)? No mate (I would respond with a wide smile), I am happy to inform you that I’ve read a lot of people who do not pursue their interests online and write stuff directly from their hearts. They are the ones who inspired me in the first place, and I never refer to them as bloggers or influensers, but common people with a positive attitude and a potential to change themselves and by doing that, well…you know that stereotype…change the world.

Yeah, but you are not interesting, and I will never read your blog, nor will you ever change anything by writing stuff online! Your choice is to read what ever you like, just as we all do. Regarding that change…you may be right, but I believe you are not. This is a key concept in being objective and just – I will try to never call someone ignorant or directly claim they are wrong. But I will clearly state that I think , or believe that they are wrong.

This is why I would not like to be tagged as a blogger. If people start reading what I have to say, I would like to remain a young person from Wonderland (here is where I expect a troll in my comments to write something like: “Hey blogger, what’s up?”).

So, that was my first blog post ..er…article. If you wonder what am I going to write about, join the club – I am wondering too… Nevermind, I would like to point out that this article is written on Saturday, after a good lunch with my family and a can of light beer. I’ll probably publish it on Monday…

6 thoughts on “Me – a blogger? No way…

  1. Hey Miloš! 🙂 I’ve read your introductory blog (erm…sorry, article) and I find it very interesting with a touch of humor that pleases my taste! I would love to read your following articles as this one really reveals the “young person’s” – I am just quoting you here in the lack of descriptive ideas 😉 – enthusiasm and refreshing perspective on things(at least I’ve felt here that future articles will be, so don’t disappoint me, got it, pal!? xD). I wish you a good head start and a lot more stuff here so that I have something to feed my hungry mind. 😀 Cheers.

  2. Writing stuff online is hardly going to make a lot of positive social impact, but if many young and educated came online with right intentions and gave it a try like we did – could we still hold a blog for an self-promotional and ego-nurturing instrument?

  3. @MARKO M

    Well, you’ll agree with me that we should provide a positive example 🙂

    And I think we can…not only write good content with a positive and strong message, but to encourage the same in those who have inspiration but lack motivation to write, being a minority compared to interest-driven individuals swallowing the online space…

    Windmills cannot be beaten, but there is a strong sense of purpose in the fight itself. And I strongly believe it’s worth it.

  4. Hm,
    very interesting start-up for a blog, I mean writing expression, I mean blog…
    Whatever, I wish you all the best, and I’ll put your rss in my reader to follow your progress 🙂

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