22 Aug

Minor updates and fixes for Synchi

I’ve updated Synchi to version 4.3 as an answer to user feedback concerning some potential bugs and feature suggestions. Also, the fantastic CodeMirror library is being updated constantly, so I’ve included the newest version and made several changes in the code to ensure everything works as expected.

So, what changed?

Included as a workaround for problems with server settings concerning direct access to scripts other than standard WP entry points

A Synchi user – Eduardo Alberto reported a problem with displaying files and folders in Synchi IDE. We have talked on Skype and got to the bottom of it. Apparently, Eduardo’s server had some script access rules set that prevented the FileTree script to access it’s back-end part. Since other users could experience similar issues, I’ve decided to code a small workaround to force the script to use the standard WordPress admin entry point (admin.php) like Synchi scripts do.

Added extra settings for indenting with tabs and controlling tab size

In a Synchi support thread, a user reported Synchi messing up his code. Apparently, he is using tabs for indenting, and Synchi (and CodeMirror) default is indenting by spaces. So, I’ve included new settings to enable indenting with tabs, along with specifying tab size:


Updated CodeMirror source to version 2.32

CodeMirror is being updated on regular basis. Some of the newest updates include a new scroll bar and some new possibilities for developers. You can follow CodeMirror changes here.

Fixed focusing on first tab when initializing IDE

There was a problem initializing IDE when several tabs were opened in the previous session. Apparently, a user could not focus on any tab before navigating to the first opened tab. This is now fixed and the first tab is opened by default when initializing Synchi IDE.

Fixed ‘Save All’ bug when no changes are made

Synchi had a bug when user attempted to save all files using the ‘Save All’ option (Ctrl+Shift+S). If there were no changes to save, a message box would appear and never close. This is also fixed.

A big, big thanks to Synchi users providing valuable feedback!

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