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Inline Tweets is a WordPress plugin that enables you to embed latest tweets or a single tweet anywhere in your WordPress posts, pages or text widgets and style them the way you want with your custom CSS. Check out how easy it is to embed latest tweets:


You can place the snippet anywhere in your post, pages or widgets where you want tweet(s) to appear. Here is an example of how to display a single tweet:


The snippet will serve as a placeholder where tweets will load. Have in mind that tweets are fetched in front-end so your pages display speed will not be affected by any back-end communication with the Twitter API.


The point of the Inline Tweets plugin is to enable you to style displayed tweets with your custom CSS styles. This is why tweets are displayed within different <span> tags with classes you can use to style them. Here is an example:

<ul class="inline_tweets_ul">
	<li class="inline_tweet">
    <a class="inline_tweets_author" href="" target="_blank">@ArchdukeM</a>
    <a class="inline_tweets_avatar" href="" target="_blank">
      <img alt="" src="" />
    </a> "She represented everything I loved about the English. She was totally deranged."
    <span class="inline_tweets_timestamp">Jan 2014</span>
Every single entity has a unique class that you can use to style it. You also have other options, such as not displaying plugin author or avatar, or not displaying timestamps etc.

Download and support

Visit the plugin page on WordPress.Org to download, give feedback and get support.

7 thoughts on “Inline Tweets

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  2. Hi Colin, unfortunately I cannot receive donations in my country in an easy way so I just don’t accept them. However, your kind offer is already a donation so I thank you for it. Cheers!

  3. Hi Milos, thanks a lot for great piece of software! Could you please tell me how to avoid the “dot” displayed on a single tweet? (you could see the the tweet on the frontpage of my site in the lower right corner)


  4. The dot comes from the fact it is a li element and your default styles make the dot visible. The point of this plugin is to make it possible for you to style the way tweets are displayed yourself. So please by all means just define a style for it and it will work.

  5. Dear Milos,
    Thank you so much for this incredible plugin.

    My apologies to bother you with this question. Besides the shortcode, is there any other way to embed the tweets? I need to do this from a template file, so ideally a function would work the best.

    Thank you so much!

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