A full IDE inside WordPress

Synchi IDE is a WordPress plugin that empowers you with syntax highlighting and powerfull IDE features in WP plugin editor, themes editor, article HTML editor and text widgets editor. Plugin is based on CodeMirror library.

WP Integrated Development Enviroment

Synchi is a full IDE since version 4.0! WordPress developers no longer require an external code editor, since they can enjoy a solid code writting experience inside their WordPress, from any location.

There is no need to leave the plugin/themes editor page for saving files, they are now opened in tabs. One can also create new files and folders, delete and copy/cut existing files and folders!


  • syntax highlight for a number of programming languages in themes/plugins editor, articles editor and text/HTML widgets editor
  • code completion for JavaScript and PHP (WordPress functions included)
  • editor theming for comfortable coding experience
  • full screen editing
  • plugins/themes ajax file browser
  • tabbed files editing (with last opened tabs remembering)
  • create/delete/copy/move files and folders via ajax
  • preview image files inside the IDE
  • line numbers (with highlighting option)
  • line wrapping
  • brackets matching
  • goto line
  • code auto-format
  • comment/uncomment code
  • search code (with regex search)
  • replace code (with regex search)
  • Keyboard shortuct for every editor control
  • Localization enabled

Supported development languages

  • PHP (.php files)
  • JavaScript (.js files)
  • CSS (.css files)
  • HTML (.html and htm files)
  • XML (.xml files)
  • MySQL (.sql files)

Future features

Here is a list of features to expect in future updates:

  • editing files with no file extensions
  • upload/download files trough the file browser
  • drag & drop in the file browser
  • code commenting/uncommenting controll
  • code folding
  • using syntax highlight in posts (code examples)

You can visit Synchi pages on WordPress and Softpedia.

If you wish to report a bug, suggest a feature or an uprgrade, please use the support page in WordPress. The author would be very grateful if you would consider submitting a review here. Visit the downloads page to get the final version!

6 thoughts on “Synchi

  1. It says on WordPress it has been two years since an update to this project. Would you like some assistance? What is up with this tool currently?

  2. Hi, man please update the plugin, im ready to donate with $ or code put please update the plugin it has some bugs and we need some more features.


  3. Hi. I’ve been trying to find the time to deal with Synchi, even though I’ve practically abandoned development some time ago. I do intend to completely refurbish the plugin. For now, can you state what bugs and features you’re referring to?


  4. Hi Miloš

    Bug Report:
    will not work open file for edit and show “opening file..” ( with gif animation above ) long time, After Click on the file name

    WP version : 4.7.3
    Plug version : 5.1


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