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Trello Pro is an ultimate Trello tweaking tool for Google Chrome. It comes packed with features and you can customize it for each individual board, choosing what you want to tweak and what not.

1. Card Title Tweaks

The idea is pretty simple here – expanding the type of information that a Trello card can contain without losing that simplicity Trello spoiled it’s users with.


You can now turn on and use the following components within card titles:

  • Project/Group – will be rendered as bold text to make it easy for you to discern different projects or ticket groups (e.g. Epics).
  • Inline labels – will be shown below ticket name with a label icon to make it possible for you to add a number of your custom inline labels/tags that don’t conflict with the structure you envisioned for the default Trello labels.
  • Time entries – will be shown below ticket name with a clock icon to enable manual time tracking and make it easy for you to see how much time was spent on a specific task.

Doing this is pretty simple, just type those titles in the following format:

Project/Tag :: Card Title [inline-label] {time-entry}

2. UI Tweaks

At any time you can activate the following tweaks for any board:

  • Card numbers – will be shown as bold blue text to make it easy for you to reference tickets for yourself or between team members (or clients, right?).
  • Full-sized Trello labels – turns those colored lines into full-fledged labels that fit perfectly on the card and really stand them out.
  • Custom background image – wasn’t this supposed to be an existing Trello feature? Well, now you have it, just paste the URL of the image you want rendered as a background on your board and you’re all set.
  • Custom CSS – if you know what you’re doing and you know a way to make Trello look even better, this one’s for you. Just paste your CSS and save, it will be loaded to your board.
  • Priorities – will make cards more prominent. Trello Pro supports 3 priority levels!

Configuration for each board

Almost all Trello tweaking solutions out there assume you want them happening on all Trello boards you visit. With Trello Pro you can configure exactly what tweak will be applied to what board. Yes – that does mean you can set different background images for different boards.

What about permissions?

  • Read and write to – Speaks for itself, that’s where Trello lives.
  • Storage – Local browser storage is used to store your configuration for the Trello boards where you use Trello Pro features. The data is synced across browsers if you are signed in with your Google account.

Where can I get this?

You can visit the extension page on the Chrome Web Store. You can report any issues and/or suggestions there. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Trello Pro

  1. Hi, I really like your Trello Pro extension.
    One thing I don’t like:
    The settings are all stored and active per board only, and not globally.
    You’re stating this as a good thing, but for me it’s really a hassle.

    When you’re working in Trello, you expect behavior to be consistant across boards.
    So if I don’t want an ‘add list’ button, I really don’t want it!
    And if I want to be able to enter tags, points, projects etc by encoding them in the card title, I want to be able to do that on all boards. Same for all other card settings.
    The only thing I can imagine being usefull per board is the custom background.

    Could you please make it optional to enable all preferences on all boards?
    I would appreciate it greatly, since it saves me time setting all prefs every time I create a board (unfortunately they’re not copied when copying a board…).

    PS: why would I ‘hide activity entries’?
    It also hides comments, which is a bad thing (why would I want that?).
    And I can hide activity entries (without hiding comments) on the card itself with ‘hide details’.

    PPS: something I would like to be able to do and still havent found:
    Collapsing a list.
    There’s a Trello Lists Master extension to hide lists, but this works for all boards (which is in this case a bad thing!).
    And with that extension I can’t see if there are any cards in the list.
    It would be nice to be able to collapse lists, which ideally would show listheaders with card counters only on the left side of the board (stacked below each other, in case you hide more lists).
    Maybe this is a feature you would consider?

    PPPS: another usefull thing is the Next Step for Trello Extension, which enables you to see and check the unchecked list items directly from the card cover.
    Also the GTD: Trello Card Links extension is handy, allowing you to click on hyperlinks directly from the card cover.
    If you’re creating a one stop solution, these functionalities are usefull extras.
    Don’t want to pile work on your table, but just some suggestions!

    Thanks for the good work!

  2. Let me try to reply

    “The settings are all stored and active per board only, and not globally. You’re stating this as a good thing, but for me it’s really a hassle.”
    => Trello is (amongst other things) designed for teams too. When you’re sharing your boards with teams you can’t impose the format of card titles to everyone, can you? When you’re all alone, it makes sense to have unique settings for Trello in general, but that just can’t work when you’re involved in a lot of teams with different approaches to using Trello boards. When I get some free time I’m planning on adding an option to apply settings across all boards or something like that so I hope that will solve your issue.

    “why would I ‘hide activity entries’?”
    => As opposed to the previously mentioned way of using Trello, there are people (myself included) who use boards for personal projects, TODO lists, database even and don’t really require an activity log and comments (since everything ends up being written within the card body). Thus the option to remove the activity log for any board you choose.

    “something I would like to be able to do and still havent found:Collapsing a list.”
    => That does seem legit but it also makes too much changes to the DOM of the board and it requires some hacking to achieve. It is a good feature to have and I am considering on doing something like this. I have even more flexible ideas than simply hiding / collapsing a list but it all still depends on my free time (that currently doesn’t exist).

    => Also:
    “There’s a Trello Lists Master extension to hide lists, but this works for all boards (which is in this case a bad thing!).”
    => You see? 😉

    Thank you for submitting your thoughts here with so many details. I’ve saved them all on the project board and will do my best to try to make “Pro for Trello” even better for you and other users.


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