Trello Pro

Trello Pro is an ultimate Trello tweaking tool for Google Chrome. It comes packed with features and you can customize it for each individual board, choosing what you want to tweak and what not.

1. Card Title Tweaks

The idea is pretty simple here – expanding the type of information that a Trello card can contain without losing that simplicity Trello spoiled it’s users with.


You can now turn on and use the following components within card titles:

  • Project/Group – will be rendered as bold text to make it easy for you to discern different projects or ticket groups (e.g. Epics).
  • Inline labels – will be shown below ticket name with a label icon to make it possible for you to add a number of your custom inline labels/tags that don’t conflict with the structure you envisioned for the default Trello labels.
  • Time entries – will be shown below ticket name with a clock icon to enable manual time tracking and make it easy for you to see how much time was spent on a specific task.

Doing this is pretty simple, just type those titles in the following format:

Project/Tag :: Card Title [inline-label] {time-entry}

2. UI Tweaks

At any time you can activate the following tweaks for any board:

  • Card numbers – will be shown as bold blue text to make it easy for you to reference tickets for yourself or between team members (or clients, right?).
  • Full-sized Trello labels – turns those colored lines into full-fledged labels that fit perfectly on the card and really stand them out.
  • Custom background image – wasn’t this supposed to be an existing Trello feature? Well, now you have it, just paste the URL of the image you want rendered as a background on your board and you’re all set.
  • Custom CSS – if you know what you’re doing and you know a way to make Trello look even better, this one’s for you. Just paste your CSS and save, it will be loaded to your board.
  • Priorities – will make cards more prominent. Trello Pro supports 3 priority levels!

Configuration for each board

Almost all Trello tweaking solutions out there assume you want them happening on all Trello boards you visit. With Trello Pro you can configure exactly what tweak will be applied to what board. Yes – that does mean you can set different background images for different boards.

What about permissions?

  • Read and write to – Speaks for itself, that’s where Trello lives.
  • Storage – Local browser storage is used to store your configuration for the Trello boards where you use Trello Pro features. The data is synced across browsers if you are signed in with your Google account.

Where can I get this?

You can visit the extension page on the Chrome Web Store. You can report any issues and/or suggestions there. Enjoy!

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