04 May



Maintenance.io is a superb software that makes it easy to manage, schedule and execute maintenance activities. It helps you increase efficiency, save money and improve your service.


Prevent Breakdowns

The overall effectiveness of your organization or your clients relies on key equipment up and running efficiently. With Maintenance.io you can schedule preventive maintenance and ensure that equipment downtime risk is reduced to minimum. If a breakdown still occurs you can handle it quickly with all information easily accessible across a variety of platforms (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

Boost Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of our service is increased efficiency of technicians. Maintenance.io will provide all the information required to complete a job, even on remote basis to both you and your technicians. With all relevant records always at their hand, they can complete their job without delays and interruptions from virtually anywhere – in the office or in the field.

Cut Costs

Most of the root causes of assets downtime can be easily determined by tracking trends in asset condition and maintenance frequency. Eliminating them will reduce the risk of downtime and the number of assets that have to be repaired. Maintenance.io will help you achieve this goal and significantly reduce your maintenance costs and increase your company’s profits.

Ruby, Ruby On Rails, jQuery, MySQL, FlatUI (Bootstrap)

My Responsibilities: Software Architect, Lead Developer Websitehttp://maintenance.io/

01 Jul



StreamIn is a service and a platform that empowers different software solutions with the ability to deliver notifications to their users in real time using different delivery channels.


Business applications produce messages and notifications. Managing different delivery channels spends time and money. StreamIn provides an easy and cost-efficient way to deliver messages that applications produce to end users. The service can empower existing web applications to offer various message delivery channels while maintaining only one integration towards StreamIn. This approach directly lowers IT costs and increases time efficiency of end users.

Ruby, Rack, jQuery, MySQL, FastSpring

My Responsibilities: Software Architect, Lead Developer Websitehttp://streamin.io

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