05 May


Collabro solves a number of communication problems by enhancing you SugarCRM records. You will get a simple yet sophisticated collaboration tool that your co-workers will really enjoy. It’s designed from ground up to improve productivity and cooperation between co-workers by providing a way of keeping track of important information related to your records.


Main Features

  1. Collaboration through messages on record detail views
  2. Referencing records from SugarCRM in messages
  3. URL links in messages converted to clickable links
  4. Support for markdown and emoticons
  5. Easily configurable and customizable

Added Value

  1. Know-how stays in SugarCRM
  2. Easily keep track of what is going on
  3. Stay in touch with activities of your co-workers

You will never again experience loss of information or an important note because the existing note taking process in SugarCRM is just too complicated, time consuming and not focused on collaboration.


My Responsibilities: Software Architect

Copyright: Miloš Đekić