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12 Oct

Trello Pro now has more than 100 regular users

Hey, Trello Pro is gaining popularity!

I like to stop at moments like this. Yes, 100 users is really nothing, but to me it has great significance. It’s simple – I built a tool for myself, decided to share it with the world and now it’s helping others. It’s a great feeling (much better when they actually say it, lol).

If you haven’t heard of Trello Pro yet, I am pretty damn sure you will soon, especially if you use Trello for projects, as a TODO app or you’re just following trends. It’s a damn good tool! I say this not because I made it but because I had a problem and this tool solves it. Simple as that. Here’s a video that’ll showcase what the latest build (version 1.1) will do to your Trello boards and why you’ll love it on first sight:

You can install Trello Pro directly from the Chrome store.

28 Jul

App Instance Tags updated with app shortcuts and improvements

I was on a mini-vacation so it was about time to make some modifications to my first Google Chrome extension I’ve built on my own – App Instance Tags. Making this app more usable will eventually unlock it’s potential to help a lot of web app developers – and that’s the only goal here – as it’s already helping me in my daily work.

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21 Jul

Adding custom data to WooCommerce orders

woocommerce-mijireh-largeNot long ago I was working on an integration between WooCommerce and some payment gateway. WooCommerce is an e-commerce solution in a form of a WordPress plugin. It extends your WP website to provide you with an online store, and it is a widely-known and recognized solution.

I needed to develop something very simple that required me to save some additional data about orders that used a certain payment gateway for checkout. I was surprised when I failed to find a functionality in WooCommerce core that would enable me to do this. Naturally, I wrote a plugin.

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26 Jan

Synchi 5.0 with syntax highlight in text/HTML widgets

A lot of time has passed since I posed the last Synchi update. Sure, I present to you the usual story: I’ve been busy with life and work, changed my job – which is a cool thing since I’m a part of a small startup now. Right now I am eager to present Synchi’s new feature:


I really needed this feature on one of my websites I’ve built a lifetime ago, and I finally got the time to implement it trough Synchi. Needless to say I am very happy with the end result.

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