Vladimir Došen
PHP developer at PSTech (in 2012)
Miloš is truly an exceptional professional in the software development line of business. By working alongside him I’ve personally witness his power and ability to instantly tackle with any sort of problem/requirement and to provide the best solution there is to it. I’ve really had a pleasure of working with Miloš, while taking over the project he was working on and with his help and guidance he made that challenge much easier for me. He is a great analyst, diligent in his work and a highly skilled expert in the development domain. His confidence and a magnetic personality are the definitions of a great leader whom you would love to follow in any challenge, but at the same time he is also very easy to talk to and someone you would like to share a lunch break with. I would love to be able to work with him again in the future and I would highly recommend Miloš as a tremendous asset to any software engineering project.

Vuk Stanković
Freelance PHP developer (in 2015)
Milos is probably the best engineer I’ve had a chance of working with so far. Has great technical skills, and he’s very good to work with and communicate.

Vladan Konstantinović
Head of Business Systems & Solutions at PSTech (in 2012)
Milos worked as SugarCRM consultant and PHP developer and had outstanding accomplishments on projects. He showed excellent communication skills with clients and colleagues. Milos has high working attitude and high level of responsibility toward his work and his commitments. Milos participated in recruitment by assessing technical knowledge and skills of candidates.

Sanja Halilkanović
HR Assistant at PSTech (in 2012)
During his engagement as Solutions Consultant at PSTech I had the chance to work with Milos and I can honestly say that it was a rewarding experience. He speaks to the point and quickly and accurately identifies the key issues when making a decision or solving a problem. His sophisticated approach to every task makes him a person who grasps every opportunity to learn and further widen his knowledge. At the same time, he is sensitive to other people’s feelings, listens attentively and has an ability to exert a positive influence on others. Milos puts his heart and soul into his work, he is devoted to his job and considerate for his colleagues. His attitude represents a unique mixture of genuine professionalism and sincere compassion.

Radovanović Ivan
Software Engineer at PSTech (in 2012)
It’s been a real pleasure working with Miloš. Besides being a really interesting character he is an exceptional software engineer with very wide area of expertise, always eager to help, excellent in customer communication (sort of a great public speaker) and full of ideas which he can shape into working products within minutes.

Marko Čevizović
Head of Sales & Marketing at PSTech (in 2012)
Milos is a remarkable software engineer with excellent customer communication skills. He understands customer issues and translates them into software solution. A valuable asset both for engineering and marketing department.

Vladimir Pekez
Project Lead at PSTech (in 2012)
Miloš is a proactive person with strong personality and initiative. He is ready to help with advice at any time and contributes greatly to the work of the team. Miloš is really dedicated to work, always with a creative proposal and lot of energy.

Predrag Rajković
New Media Expert at Telenor d.o.o. (in 2012)
Miloš was a developer on the project both in the phase of product creation (prior to launch) and in the phase of its further development (after launch). He was punctual, detailed, very analytic and capable to recognize client needs. What differentiate and put Miloš ahead of good developer is his pro-activity and ability to think out of the box. These characteristics make him very desirable associate and team member, not only as a developer, but also as a consultant. His understanding of user experience and customer needs make Miloš a valuable partner in the phase of product design also. Mioš proved himself capable of working under tight time-lines and under significant pressure, without damage to the outcome of such a work. Personally, I would be glad to work with Miloš again and would choose him as a developer, consultant, team member or at least as a common sense advocate at any time.

Veljko Manojlović
Technical Program Manager for “Dobre Stvari” at Telenor d.o.o. (in 2012)
Milos has been a great addition to our team on the Dobre Stvari project. He is an excelent developer with great depth of understanding of innovation which this project was all about. He is also higly creative and easy-going person to work with. Milos took initiative from the very beginning and his ideas helped us build a better product. Because of that, I would highly recommend Milos to anyone not just as a software developer but also as a project manager.

Bojan Papić
Infotainment New Media Administrator at Telenor d.o.o. (in 2012)
Miloš have very strong leadership skills, beyond excellent knowledge of IT. I can say that it was a pleasure to work with him during “Dobre Stvari” project. He is always ready to bring new ideas and show fresh and innovative approach to different tasks. I have pleasure to recommend Miloš as team member or team leader in similar projects.

Petar Babić
Postpaid and E-business Segment Manager at Telenor d.o.o. (in 2012)
Miloš was one of the key people for delivering Dobre Stvari project. His dedication and passion was of great value for successful launch. Miloš has not just IT excellence but also business and customer oriented thinking which brought business ideas and visionary thinking on this project to reality. With full confidence I can recommend Miloš as a valuable team member in any similar project in the future.

Slobodan Tomić
Integration and Internet Services Manager at Telenor d.o.o. (in 2012)
Service Category: IT Consultant
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative

Boško Kojić
Senior analyst programmer at GTECH (in 2010)
It is my pleasure to recommend Miloš as a true professional.

Ivica Đorđević
Internet Marketing Specialist at Banca Intesa (in 2010)
I’ve had the privilege to learn PHP & MySQL at classes held by Miloš. I went to a lot of different courses before and I must say that never before I’ve learned so much in such an innovative and straightforward way. Miloš is a teacher with great knowledge and, perhaps even more important, skill to transfer that knowledge to students, as well as enthusiastic and willing to share what he knows. I hope to have him as a teacher again.

Filip Filipić
Student Partner Lead at Microsoft (in 2010)
Over the last five years, I had a pleasure of working closely with Miloš on numerous occasions, ranging from lectures on Computer Networks and Telecommunications, participating in the Case Study Show, organizing Microsoft Sinergija 2010 Conference, etc. During the time we worked together, Miloš demonstrated great dedication to technology, excellent programming skills and team spirit, and was willingly and continuously applying his IT knowledge whenever dealing with new challenges. He displayed a high level of passion for education and sense of organization, and was always ready to share his creative ideas that proved to be valuable to the project. I admire his IT enthusiasm and tremendous potential he’s always successfully put to the test. Moreover, I am confident that every team would be exceedingly pleased with his work, and I would highly recommend him as a very skilled and committed individual with whom I’d enjoy cooperating again in the future.

Borko Kovačević
Business Group Lead (Server and Tools) at Microsoft (in 2010)
During a 9 month period of working on conference Microsoft Sinergija 10 as well as Sinergija community development and building on our online presence, I’ve had a unique opportunity to work with Milos as one of 7 student interns through my role as Sinergija managing director. During this time, Milos was accountable for success of Sinergija online community portal, online content and inbound and outbound communication to all lecturers, presenters and expert affiliates of Sinergija. Through this role in Sinergija org team, Milos was working closely with Sinergija10 content owner being of great help and support specialy in times when core workload was overwhelming for Microsoft employees and Milos was capable and ready to step in and cover communication with more than 120 lecturers of Sinergija10. Milos is very actionable and capable individual, he is highly skilled in technology both Microsoft and alternative software products which helps him lead a quality IT discussions with his peers. Milos is capable of handling tasks under pressure and responds well to increased workload. He is a great potential and a great team player which helped us to make 2010. the best year for a 10 year old Sinergija brend.

Nenad Aleksić
Microsoft Dynamics Lead at Microsoft (in 2010)
I started my cooperation with Milos when he joined Sinergija 10 organizing committee. Very quickly, he got recognized by whole group as highly skilled IT professional, ready to accept different technical tasks and get them accomplished smoothly. Milos has good energy, he is highly motivated person and I really enjoyed working with him.

Marija Vujanić
PR and Citizenship Lead at Microsoft (in 2010)
During 6 month of work at Microsoft Serbia, preparing the Sinergija 10 conference, Milos has showed great professionalism and strong commitment to this job. He is reliable and trustwothy employee, highly motivated and focused. Great communication and organizational skills are aligned with great energy and passion ! Milos contribution to Sinergija 10, the biggest IT conference in the region, is immeasurable!

Milica Pejović
BG Audience Marketing Specialist at Microsoft (in 2011)
I had an opportunity to work with Milos first during our studies at Faculty of organizational sciences, and later on at Sinergija 10 project. It was a real pleasure both times! Milos is a person you can count on and rely on, a person full of initiative and leadership potential. He can be very persistent and patient, innovative, full of constructive ideas, but at the same time realistic and reasonable suggestions. I also like his systematic approach to any kind of problem and analytic way of thinking. I would be more than happy to cooperate with Milos again and would warmly recommend him as a coworker and a friend.

Bojan Jovičić
IT Manager at Delta Sport Group (in 2011)
had great pleasure to cooperate with Milos Djekic during Microsoft Sinergija 2010 ( He was really motivated and showed great technical expertise, patience in solving problems, and excellent organizational skills in overcoming challenges during this huge event (~3,000 people). This was my 5th year as speaker at Microsoft Sinergija, and I think that Milos has hugely contributed to making this 10th anniversary Sinergija fulfill all the expectations and go beyond.

Zlatko Knežević
Developer Evangelist at Microsoft (in 2010)
I worked with Milos on managing the agenda on Serbia’s premier IT conference, Microsoft’s Sinergija conference. During our time working together, Milos has shown outstanding tenacity and preservance, incredible dedication to do the right thing. I was very impressed by his knowledge of both technology per se (especially in the web space), as well as patterns of usage and the “people side”, which most of the graduates from technical faculties in Serbia usually dismiss as irrelevant. All in all, I can honestly recommend Milos as a hard worker, a good teammate and a responsible professional.

Bojan Kezele
Junior researcher Laboratory for Multimedia Communication (in 2009)
Miloš is very dynamic and professional. When there is a new job or a task, he is usually the first one working on it.

Boris Gligorijević
Member at FONIS (in 2009)
Thanks to Miloš, FONIS was probably the best IT organization at the University, and it still is. He led this group with such passion, and he made it in the end – he made it all work very well. FONIS is now widely recognized organization where you can meet some really nice people, learn a lot about IT etc. Therefore, I’d like to thank Miloš for making it live, as I’ve been a member for a long time.

Stevan Buzejić
Member at FONIS (in 2009)
Milos is great softvare teacher, he knows how to transfer knowledge. It was great pleasure working and learning from him during courses and studies. I hope for future cooperation with him.

Igor Ćirović
Member at FONIS (in 2009)
Miloš is a person with great determination and dedication. I’ve had a chance to work with him during the past year as a member of his programming team and in that time he has shown to be both a person with many good ideas of his own, as well as a person who values the opinions and suggestions of his colleagues. He is quick-thinking and will always back up his suggestions, ideas and decisions with valid arguments as part of his effort to devise the best solution for a given problem. Miloš is a valuable addition to any team or organization, both as a member and as a leader.

Milan Mihajlović
Board Member at FONIS (in 2009)
One of the very best leaders I was working with; the ability to have all the goals firmly in sight, combined with the energy and commitment he emits makes him a good manager and also an exceptional motivator and co-worker.

Vanja Radaković
Board Member at FONIS (in 2008)
I’ve worked with Miloš on many projects and activities and I’ve had an opportunity to learn a lot about team work, organization and leadership from him. He is systematic, extremely organized and devoted to his work with highly developed sense for time management and team work. Miloš is always the one giving initiative an proposing a solution when needed. He is capable of dealing with deadlines and challenging tasks in the field of IT and management. Miloš is a person always willing to help his colleagues, whether it is about their student projects, computer issues or personal problems. It is my pleasure having him as a support in my life and professional activities. I strongly recommend him as a software developer, manager and a valuable teammate in any challenging task.

Miroslav Lazović
Teaching assistant at Faculty of organizational sciences (in 2009)
When it comes to JAVA programming, Milos has more experience and knowledge than other students. He is very passionate about what he does and dedicated to his work. In the same time, he is a valuable co – worker and good educator.

Vesna Damnjanović
Head of Marketing Management and Public Relations Department at Faculty of Organizational Sciences (in 2010)
Milos Djekic was the one of the best volunteer and he took the responsibility of helping me with preparation the designing promotion materials and CD proceeding for the International Symposium Symorg 2010. MIlos is an exceptionally motivated and talented young person with good communication and time management skills. He has shown the ability to clearly explain complex concepts and great connection of marketing and IT knowledge in practice. I firmly believe that he will be successful in whatever he pursues.

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