18 May

Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia are flooded and we need your help

Since it appears that foreign media is not giving enough attention to what is happening in my country and with our neighbors I have to use this opportunity to post a small plea for help.


What happened?

During the past few days rain simply refused to stop. We started getting more and more reports of rivers getting wider and flooding areas near riverbanks. But that’s not new – that’s why we have mounds around rivers to protect us. However, not a single person was aware that in the last 3 days Serbia, Bosnia and – just today, Croatia – will experience a tragically overwhelming quantity of river water.


The entire city of Obrenovac is overrun by raging water and the army, police, special forces, firemen and volunteers from more than 5 countries are struggling for 2 days now to evacuate the survivors. Buildings are collapsing and people are loosing everything – their lives, their homes, their hope.


While politicians are being politicians, going around with news reporters so they can report their involvement in rescue operations, the common people are helping to build damps and mounds around rivers, collecting food, clothes, medicines to help the evacuated people. We are a strong nation when it comes to helping others in need, but we need your help too.

How can you help?


Share our story! Send it to your media, tweet about it! Don’t share my appeal, simply retweet Novak Đoković:


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