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12 Oct

Trello Pro now has more than 100 regular users

Hey, Trello Pro is gaining popularity!

I like to stop at moments like this. Yes, 100 users is really nothing, but to me it has great significance. It’s simple – I built a tool for myself, decided to share it with the world and now it’s helping others. It’s a great feeling (much better when they actually say it, lol).

If you haven’t heard of Trello Pro yet, I am pretty damn sure you will soon, especially if you use Trello for projects, as a TODO app or you’re just following trends. It’s a damn good tool! I say this not because I made it but because I had a problem and this tool solves it. Simple as that. Here’s a video that’ll showcase what the latest build (version 1.1) will do to your Trello boards and why you’ll love it on first sight:

You can install Trello Pro directly from the Chrome store.

28 Jul

App Instance Tags updated with app shortcuts and improvements

I was on a mini-vacation so it was about time to make some modifications to my first Google Chrome extension I’ve built on my own – App Instance Tags. Making this app more usable will eventually unlock it’s potential to help a lot of web app developers – and that’s the only goal here – as it’s already helping me in my daily work.

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19 Jun

How do you share your contact?

You’re an entrepreneur, a go-getter, trend-setter, a ninja-guru-master or just a person who talks to people on a daily basis, maybe visit a conference or two, attend a bunch of seminars? Hey – me too! That means you’re sharing your contact information with a lot of people in a single month, just like I do. So, how do you do it?

Business cards are cool. Especially those gold-plated shiny tokens of one’s public status or position in the ever-growing market. It’s always funny to me that we still need them in the 21st century, but fact is we do. They are just…so cool. And they tend to remind the ones we give them to that we may be someone special and that we may share a common cause or interest. But we don’t always use them. We forget to bring them – God knows I always do due to frequent change of accessories – or we simply share our Twitter account or LinkedIn profile, or even type our phone number to someone’s smartphone.

A couple of days ago a company I work with published a fancy new iOS app that could totally change the way we share our contact information. They call it “Share My Contact” and it’s a kind of a virtual business card with a lot of options for selectively sharing your contact information in different formats.

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18 May

An on-site learning experience for software engineers

Education is getting more and more specific. Instead of simply teaching computer programming using general topics, some colleges in the U.S. are now actually pushing for curriculums that target a specific subject. One of the topics that caught my attention is casino software.

Apparently, fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts have added a casino syllabus in order to properly educate both programmers and non-programmers on how to handle the floor operations of a casino. The casino industry is cutthroat and ever-changing, which is why people who wish to work in this particular field need special training.

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