05 Oct

Synchi 4.4 with integrated images preview

Horray! Synchi is now updated to version 4.4!

You all know how important is to monitor user feedback on regular basis. Although Synchi does not have a lot of users, they are more than happy to share their opinions and ideas. This is why I tend to regulary update the software based on your precious emails and posts on Synchi support page.

A fantastic idea by WordPress.ORG member th.meesters to add an integrated image preview made me spend a couple of hours coding. Here is the idea:

A thing I would really like in synchi, is to implement something like an image viewer, so I can take a look at the themes/plugins image files.

And here is my reponse:


I honestly hope you will find this feature useful. As I wrote earlier, I really appreciate feedback. If you like Synchi, use it on regular basis or ocassionaly, please share your thoughts 🙂

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