03 Jul

Synchi downloaded more than 300 times

Synchi is gaining popularity as it’s user database is growing. Yesterday, the number of downloads in the official WordPress Synchi page rose above 300:


Synchi Download Info

As the number of downloads rises, I am hoping for lots of feedback from current users. Nothing is perfect and the only thing separating a good software from a lousy one is the end result – user experience and the fact that it solves some real life problems (in this case – lack of good coding experience while edditing plugins and themes inside WordPress).

The next update will bring some minor adjustments that should take care of several potential problems. I am in progress with checking the code for any flaws concerning security and stuff like that – I’ve learned a lot just by going troug some blog posts that focus on quallity when it comes to WordPress plugins.

Today I also learned that several web portals included Synchi in their directories without contacting the author (khmm…me). The first one is www.phpkode.com and the second one is www.famouswhy.com. The point of open source software is sharing, and I am totally OK with web portals sharing my plugin, although I would prefer a formal notification that they did so. This is what Softpedia did and I was happy.

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