23 Oct

Synchi is already 4.5 to bring localization and more

Wow! Already? Synchi is now at version 4.5!

Yes, I know, sometimes I publish new versions of Synchi in just a few days. Guilty as charged…but there is no other way to produce time and I work on my favorite plugin whenever I get a couple of hours. This is why version 4.4 and version 4.5 have just a few days difference in release dates.

So, what changed? I’ve finally decided to honor a promise I gave some time ago to one of my users – Eduardo Alberto and enable localization for Synchi via WordPress standard .po and .mo files. This works as it should and Synchi can now be localized to any language.


To translate Synchi, I used a fantastic WP plugin – CodeStyling Localization. I would recommend it to anyone since it is quite intuitive and easy to install and use. CodeStyling Localization features automatic .mo files generation and adds comments to .po files indicating where individual labels are used throughout the code.

For now, I’ve translated Synchi labels to Serbian (sr_RS), since this is my native language, but I will add some more languages I speak or understand soon. If you would like contribute to Synchi by translating it to your language, please contact me or send me your translation. I would be happy to include your localization files in future updates.

I’ve also added a useful feature – code commenting/uncommenting. This is a pretty standard IDE feature and I use it all the time. Hope you will find it useful as I do. I’ve optimized tabs inside the IDE so you should experience faster and smoother loading and a bug-free code editing experience. Tabs context menu is expanded with a new command – ‘Save’, and you should expect more commands in the future.

With this update I’ve included Synchi users that provide valuable feedback and ideas in the ‘Credits’ section. This is to show that I am very grateful for your contribution and that you are a contributor.

Thank you for using Synchi IDE inside WordPress.

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