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22 Aug

Minor updates and fixes for Synchi

I’ve updated Synchi to version 4.3 as an answer to user feedback concerning some potential bugs and feature suggestions. Also, the fantastic CodeMirror library is being updated constantly, so I’ve included the newest version and made several changes in the code to ensure everything works as expected.

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05 Jul

Synchi updated to version 4.2 to enable code completion

Synchi is now version 4.2! There is a number of security related fixes that just had to be done to make sure that Synchi doesn’t cause any harm to your WordPress installation. Themes and plugins editing permissions are now taken into acoount when initializing Synchi IDE. Also, Synchi request handler that enables ajax file saving, file creation and stuff like that is now secure.

There is a new IDE feature, and a much neaded one – code completion. Remember Ctrl+Space? It works now in Synchi IDE! Check it out:


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