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27 May

Developers, tag your apps and don’t mess up

I worked with SugarCRM a lot. Actually, my first “real” dev job started with building a robust software solution based on SugarCRM. And so I learned a lot about enterprise software and developed a bunch of solutions using the platform I started with.

Not long ago I started consulting businesses from the US on SugarCRM and enterprise software. I even took over some dev work. Then I found myself managing more than one instance of the same web app. I soon started messing things up by making changes to the wrong application because they all looked and behaved the same!

I just had to find a solution that would prevent me from creating a complete mess and possibly some international scandal by playing with a live application instead of my local app. Naturally, I built a Google Chrome extension.

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30 Oct

Applying for a Software Engineer position straight from college

PSTech has a well-earned reputation in the domestic IT market of Serbia. Naturally, a lot of people apply for software engineering and software testing positions, since many are aware of the advantages of starting their career in a well-established company. HR processes in the company are really good, with an optimal workflow backed up by a good software solution.  Some of us get the pleasure (not always a pleasure though) of conducting interviews for future colleagues.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been conducting technical interviews for future PHP software engineers, juniors, seniors, interns… A lot of different people were called for a talk on their experience, expectations and character. I always enjoy talking to people from different backgrounds, since there is a lot to be learned. Some of them are already employed and come with previous experience in being interviewed, some of them may even be conducting technical interviews themselves. But a fair number of applicants are fresh from college looking for a prospective career. If you belong to this group, here is some honest advice…

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