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23 Oct

Synchi is already 4.5 to bring localization and more

Wow! Already? Synchi is now at version 4.5!

Yes, I know, sometimes I publish new versions of Synchi in just a few days. Guilty as charged…but there is no other way to produce time and I work on my favorite plugin whenever I get a couple of hours. This is why version 4.4 and version 4.5 have just a few days difference in release dates.

So, what changed? I’ve finally decided to honor a promise I gave some time ago to one of my users – Eduardo Alberto and enable localization for Synchi via WordPress standard .po and .mo files. This works as it should and Synchi can now be localized to any language.

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05 Oct

Synchi 4.4 with integrated images preview

Horray! Synchi is now updated to version 4.4!

You all know how important is to monitor user feedback on regular basis. Although Synchi does not have a lot of users, they are more than happy to share their opinions and ideas. This is why I tend to regulary update the software based on your precious emails and posts on Synchi support page.

A fantastic idea by WordPress.ORG member th.meesters to add an integrated image preview made me spend a couple of hours coding. Here is the idea:

A thing I would really like in synchi, is to implement something like an image viewer, so I can take a look at the themes/plugins image files.

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22 Aug

Minor updates and fixes for Synchi

I’ve updated Synchi to version 4.3 as an answer to user feedback concerning some potential bugs and feature suggestions. Also, the fantastic CodeMirror library is being updated constantly, so I’ve included the newest version and made several changes in the code to ensure everything works as expected.

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24 Jul

Synchi was script of the day @Softpedia

I was more than exited to see that Synchi was pronounced “Script of the Day” on Softpedia for July 19th. Mr. Catalin Cimpany did a great job summarizing Synchi’s features in just a few lines:

Synchi is a great plugin which can really enhance the default source code editor that comes packed with WordPress, adding numerous features usually found in desktop IDEs.

Under the hood, Synchi simply implements the renown CodeMirror web-based source editor inside the WordPress platform, allowing developers that tinker with WP’s core a more pleasurable and efficient environment.

To be more concise, Synchi transforms the plugin and theme source file editor, and is also integrated with the default page/post WYSIWYG editor’s HTML view mode.

It adds line numbers, syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, line wrapping, highlighting matching brackets, and the possibility to search and replace content on the go.

For now, Synchi has about 700 downloads in total, including downloads from WordPress plugin repository, Softpedia and other directories like phpkoed and the website you are browsing right now. Soon, the number will be 1000 and that will most certanly mean that I’ve achieved my minimum goal with my first WP plugin.

05 Jul

Synchi updated to version 4.2 to enable code completion

Synchi is now version 4.2! There is a number of security related fixes that just had to be done to make sure that Synchi doesn’t cause any harm to your WordPress installation. Themes and plugins editing permissions are now taken into acoount when initializing Synchi IDE. Also, Synchi request handler that enables ajax file saving, file creation and stuff like that is now secure.

There is a new IDE feature, and a much neaded one – code completion. Remember Ctrl+Space? It works now in Synchi IDE! Check it out:


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